Car accessories that you need to avoid

Jul 28, 2016

Cars are a little more than just used for transporting us from one place to another, it actually becomes part of our daily lives. This leads to over accessorising. Adding on to your car is not as easy as it looks, here's a list of what you need in mind before overhauling:

Massive Rims

Big rims can look good on any tires, but a lot of time people go overboard with their choice of wheel sizes. If you are opting for more than 2 or three inches over the manufacturer’s tire size, you will run into trouble. . If your overall wheel diameter exceeds what the manufacturer has made room for in the wheel well, the tires can start rubbing against the wheel well liner each time you go through a bump. Plus, you have to note that large diameter rims are also wider, and these can grind against the wheel well walls.

Ultra low profile tires

Low profile tires are perfect for race cars where cornering grasp is vital over everything else. However, implementing low profile tires on road cars can cause genuine problems. Low profile tires have extremely unbending side dividers and consequently offer almost no flexibility. Also, low profile tires will transmit more forces to the car’s suspension, adding significantly more wear and tear to the various suspension components.

Spoilers and other aero bits

Spoilers are also another accessory which you may find on race cars and they are designed for very specific reasons. Spoilers are mounted on the back of racing cars to create down-force at high speeds, which pushes the back down and provides cornering grip. Most aftermarket spoilers one gets at car accessory shops are merely show bits, and don’t really create any down-force. In fact, road cars are perfectly capable of cornering at the limits they’ve been designed with without the need for spoilers. All an aftermarket spoiler will do is adding drag as the car cuts through the air, which will result in lower fuel economy.

Body Kits

This also another enhancement derived from racing cars. The job of wide-body kits and air dams is to channel air over and under the car to achieve the optimal drag coefficient, as well as channeling extra air to the radiator, brakes and intake system. All this is fine when your car is a high performance power car. But implementing a body-kit on a normal hatchback or sedan can backfire as it may interfere with movement of the wheels, either in the suspension travel department or steering angle department.

Masked/Colored Headlights

Masking a part of your head lights can be very attractive. However, remember that not only is it illegal to modify you primary lamps in this fashion, it is also dangerous as it affects the illumination and pattern of your lights on the road. The same goes for colored lights, most common of which are the blue-colored bulbs which emit a bright white light. While these might be brighter than your stock lights, they have far less penetration and are more prone to scattering in dusty conditions.

While you should avoid the above accessories, don’t avoid having your vehicle insured. Comprehensive car insurance can safeguard your car against unforeseen incidents. So it is very important for your vehicle to have proper auto insurance.